Day: January 29, 2020

Baggetta & Co understand that the world of Accounting and Finance can be a tricky place to navigate. So we have created a blog to help educate and update YOU on whats happening in the world of Accounting and Finance.

The increasing spread of Coronavirus: updated economic and investment market implications

Key points While reported new coronavirus cases in China have slowed, the pickup in cases outside China has led to a renewed sharp fall in share markets and bond yields.Our…

The Coronavirus and its impact on markets

Given the significant public interest in the Coronavirus and its impact on share markets, this bulletin looks at some of the recent market developments as well as further implications for GDP growth in China and Australia. It’s important to keep in mind that as the situation is constantly evolving this article is a ‘point in time’ assessment.

3 factors affecting retirement income

When it comes to planning for your retirement, there are three factors you may overlook that could affect your income.

Grow your super this year

With a large gap between how much people think they need and what they actually need, we look at ways you could increase your savings in retirement.

How to live with your parents as an adult?

Five top tips for harmonious living when moving back home with your parents as an adult.

5 minutes for 5 days - get your finances in order

Start the new year off with this personal finance challenge. Begin on a Monday and by Friday you’ll have a better handle on your budget and savings.

The economy: learn the basics in 5 minutes

Not financially savvy? This short guide will help you learn the basics of the economy and improve your financial know-how.

Federal Government assistance for those severely affected by the Bushfires

Australia’s bushfire crisis has claimed lives, devastated the country’s wildlife and destroyed homes. If you have been affected by the bushfires, there is government help available. Read this helpful article to find out more about what you may be entitled to.

Bushfires and the Australian economy

The bushfires are expected to result in around a 0.4% hit to GDP mainly in the March quarter followed by a rebuilding boost. The hit to consumer spending and tourism is likely to linger longer. The drag on economic activity has increased the pressure for more monetary and fiscal stimulus. We still see the RBA cutting the cash rate to 0.25%. The bushfires likely increase the pressure for more action on climate change and highlight the need for investors to be aware of industries and businesses that are vulnerable to climate change risk.

Review of 2019: outlook for 2020

Despite all the doom and gloom 2019 turned out to be a good year for investors. Here we look at the global outlook, market conditions and geopolitical risks for 2020…

Staycations: should you stay or should you go now?

It’s the getaway you take when a getaway’s out of the question – the staycation. Whether it’s venturing out locally and returning each evening, or taking a few nights to…

Time to take the property plunge?

For decades real estate not only delivered security and comfort to bring up Australian families but also a cast-iron vehicle for wealth building, seemingly immune from the ups and downs…

Rebooting for retirement

As retirement comes into view, it’s time to imagine a new you for the post-work age. You remember your first day at school, your first job, your first home. And…

Are tiny houses here to stay?

Tiny homes are seeing rising popularity among Millennials, many of whom are facing unaffordable housing prices and gig-economy jobs with unpredictable income. It’s no surprise they’re looking for innovative ways…

What happens if you need to become a carer?

You’ve made plans, set a budget and financial goals; you’re ready for anything, right? But what happens if a loved one is in an accident or your ageing parent starts…


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