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Accountants Perth – How To Find The Right One

Have you been searching for accountants in Perth?

If so, then you would have found that accountants come in all shapes and sizes and choosing one can be quite difficult.

If you are searching for an accounting firm or practice that suit your needs, you should firstly be clear and concise about what you need and want from your accountant.

Many business owners and investor clients are under the misconception that the bigger the accounting firm, the better. This is a complete myth.

Today, accountants can vary greatly in terms of what they do and do not do for clients.  As more accountants in the greater Perth area focus on servicing niche markets and targeted clients, your decision on who you choose becomes more important.

There are many accounting firms in Perth that operate as small, personalised firms focused on providing high standards of service and quality.  The way that they do this is by becoming specialised and focusing on targeted clients. 

Those type of accountants that operate this way have evolved over time.  What they specialise in and who their target clients are is usually predetermined by the following factors:

   1. Historically, the type of accounting work that a firm enjoys the most and therefore does well leads to highly satisfied clients who then go on to refer other similar clients to the accounting firm.

   2. The more similar clients the firm engages, the more likely that the firm will invest in more training and development in this area of expertise so that they can continue to do good work, be highly knowledgable in these specialised services and stay up to date.

   3. As the firm develops its reputation in specialised areas, its’ marketing and publications are more focused on these specialised services and targeted clients.

When you are looking for accountants in Perth, be very clear about what you need and want for you and your business.

At Baggetta and Co we are a small specialised firm that has three core service areas that have been integrated to service targeted clients:

     1. Taxation Accounting
     2. Self Managed Superannuation Funds
     3. Financial Planning.

Each of these core service areas above, have many different types of services and vary for many different types of clients.

However, Baggetta & Co has evolved over time to only cater for specific clients.

Historically, these specific clients have developed as a result of the Principals’ interests and values.

Paul Baggetta, Principal of Baggetta & Co, has always believed the following:

1. Business Owners should be in business to create long term wealth and to retire comfortably.

It is true that most people go into business because they want more control over their future, are tired of working for someone else and generally want to make more money.

But working in your business is hard and very stressful.  So ultimately, you want creating long term wealth so you can retire comfortably to be your ‘prize’ at the end of all that hard work.

Many business owners lose sight of this along the way.

2. Individuals, who choose to stay employed and not go into their own business, need not be disadvantaged and be misled into thinking that cannot achieve long term wealth and retire comfortably.

Being focused and disciplined about investing in share and property investments, can and will achieve financial wealth if you are earning reasonable income of more than $120,000 combined household income.

3. Taxation need not be a curse and obstacle to your desire to achieve financial success.

Working with accountants in Perth who look beyond just preparing your tax returns and financial statements, and are focused on wealth creation and retirement planning as two of their core financial services will reduce your tax burden and help you achieve financial success.

4. Superannuation continues to be one of the most tax effective investments that can work for you to achieve long term wealth and a comfortable retirement.

Working with accountants in Perth who are also Financial Planners, and are focused on Superannuation, Self Managed Super Fund and Retirement services are key to achieving long term financial wealth and a comfortable retirement.

Baggetta & Co’s Target Clients

At Baggetta & Co we only provide Taxation Accounting, Financial Planning and Self Managed Super Fund services to the following targeted clients:

     1. Small to Medium Businesses whose focus for being in business is to achieve financial success and retire in comfort.

     2. Self Managed Superannuation Fund clients who want control of their superannuation, choice of investments to meet their objectives in a low taxation environment which can also, in many instances, protect their assets from bankruptcy and other legal claims.

     3. Pre-retirees who want financial independence and to be financially secure in retirement.

     4. Retirees who are unhappy with their current retirement investments and returns.

     5. Individuals who are earning in excess of $120,000 combined household income, wanting to create wealth to achieve financial independence for their family and in retirement.

If you are searching for accountants in Perth, without knowing what your future goals are and how you want your retirement to look, then stop searching now.

Begin by writing a list of what your future goals are, and what you want your retirement to look like. Only then you are ready to start searching for an accounting firm or practice thats suits your requirements. 

Use your list to ask the right questions.  Only then will you find the accountant in Perth who is right for you, your business and your family.

If you like to know more information about our services, don't hesitate to click here and contact Baggetta & Co today or call us on (08) 9317 7300 to find out how our tax, accounting and financial planning services can help you and your business save money.

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