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Profit Optimiser

Profit Optimiser

Profit Optimiser is a financial analysis and strategy software program used to improve business performance and that lets you know the impact of every financial decision before you make it.

This program allows you to create key performance indicators for your business, input your business data and experiment with different scenarios.

Imagine being able to instantly answer questions like:
• What’s the impact on my cashflow if I increase my sales by 10%?
• What if I increased volume by 10% and decreased price by 5%?
• What are the sensitive drivers to cashflow in my business?

Once you have input your information and data, Profit Optimiser will produce reports which provide strategies on how to achieve your desired goals or overcome your current problems.  The program also allows you to spot emerging business opportunities and assess potential business threats, so you can protect and grow your business.

Features of Profit Optimiser

Some of the features of Profit Optimiser include:

  • View business performance on one screen
  • ‘What if’ analysis of the financial implications of each business decision
  • Goal-seeking to develop strategies to reach financial goals
  • Develop projections for the next business period using roll-forward
  • Simple and effective graphic reporting to understand performance metrics
  • Comprehensive reports, from one page business scorecard to a comprehensive financial diagnostic report




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