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Bushfires and the Australian economy

The bushfires are expected to result in around a 0.4% hit to GDP mainly in the March quarter followed by a rebuilding boost. The hit to consumer spending and tourism is likely to linger longer. The drag on economic activity has increased the pressure for more monetary and fiscal stimulus. We still see the RBA cutting the cash rate to 0.25%. The bushfires likely increase the pressure for more action on climate change and highlight the need for investors to be aware of industries and businesses that are vulnerable to climate change risk.

Review of 2019: outlook for 2020

Despite all the doom and gloom 2019 turned out to be a good year for investors. Here we look at the global outlook, market conditions and geopolitical risks for 2020…

Staycations: should you stay or should you go now?

It’s the getaway you take when a getaway’s out of the question – the staycation. Whether it’s venturing out locally and returning each evening, or taking a few nights to…

Time to take the property plunge?

For decades real estate not only delivered security and comfort to bring up Australian families but also a cast-iron vehicle for wealth building, seemingly immune from the ups and downs…

Rebooting for retirement

As retirement comes into view, it’s time to imagine a new you for the post-work age. You remember your first day at school, your first job, your first home. And…

Are tiny houses here to stay?

Tiny homes are seeing rising popularity among Millennials, many of whom are facing unaffordable housing prices and gig-economy jobs with unpredictable income. It’s no surprise they’re looking for innovative ways…

What happens if you need to become a carer?

You’ve made plans, set a budget and financial goals; you’re ready for anything, right? But what happens if a loved one is in an accident or your ageing parent starts…

5 saving graces of giftmas

If it is indeed better to give than to receive, then Australians are a happy lot. According to the Financial Planning Association of Australia, 85% of us find more joy…

Going solo in retirement

While divorce rates have fallen in Australia in recent years, there is one age group where it’s becoming more common. In the two decades to 2017, the divorce rate for…

Do falling markets signal a good time to open an SMSF?

Historically, self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have been seen as a direct way to take control of your retirement savings. By taking charge of your investment selection and asset allocation, there…

The search for dividend yield in a low-growth environment

Investors have faced a low-growth environment with low yield for some time now and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. Global economic activity is slowing notably, reflecting…

What assets can you have before losing your pension

There are many benefits to receiving a pension or even a part pension, but there are limits to what level of income or assets you can have to be eligible.

Tips for boosting retirement savings and investments in a lower-for-longer world

Retirees now face a bold truth: investing in traditional safe haven assets do not provide the returns they once did. So, where to from here? The first thing is to…

Putting a value on your potential

What is your most financially valuable asset? The answer to this question could be quite different depending on your age. A younger person may say their car or a possession,…

6 ways to stay well in retirement

A fulfilling retirement isn’t just about money, it’s about staying healthy, active and connected. So much of preparing for retirement is about the dollars and cents: Working out whether a…


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