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Wealth Creation

It is never too early….

It is never too late…..

In fact, the best time to start is now…..

……to start building assets by means of careful investing into asset based investments, so that over time you can achieve an income stream that will ensure a high quality lifestyle in your later years, and into retirement.

At Baggetta & Co we assist clients through the many choices and options of wealth creation strategies available.

We work with clients to build a specifically tailored, individual wealth creation plan which takes into account individual circumstances and goals.

More importantly, we counsel our clients to stick to the proven techniques and strategies of wealth creation and advise our clients to keep well away from the many “get rich quick schemes”.

At Baggetta & Co, our Wealth Creation services include:

• Mortgage reduction plans
• Regular saving and investment plans
• Dollar cost average strategies
• Share portfolio advice
• Managed Fund portfolio advice
• Property advice
• Tax structuring advice (e.g. use of Family Trusts)
• Borrowing to invest strategies

For more information about creating wealth for your future and retirement, call us on 9317 7300.

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