An introduction to investing

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The principle of saving is well known. Money is put away in a savings account or a term deposit, generally achieving a fixed rate of interest with minimal risk. Unfortunately, a savings account can offer returns little better than inflation. In real terms, that means you may end up losing money on your initial investment.

Investing, on the other hand, is the commitment of money today which, with an appropriate level of risk, comes with the expectation of realising your future financial goals. It’s about making your money work harder for you than just saving alone can!

With its rewards, however, investing can also be challenging and confusing. Whether you dream of a new house or an investment property, money for your children’s education or the comfort of security and freedom in retirement – understanding the principles of good investing is the foundation of achieving your financial goals. Achieving these goals shouldn’t be luck. It requires commitment, research and patience, to ensure the outcome will be anything but uncertain. And, as with most things, you should plan ahead before you start.

This guide aims to build your understanding of the basics of investing and help get you started today on the path to securing your financial independence tomorrow. However it is just one part of understanding your investments. We strongly recommend engaging with a financial adviser to develop the strategies you need to reach your financial goals.

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Investing your money allows you to grow your money, build money, create wealth, to achieve your long term goals and save for a comfortable retirement.  Let us help you reach your financial objectives in life, whether it be to send your children to college or retire on a yacht in Mediterranean.

An introduction to investing

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