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Investing in Property


Property investment has long been an effective wealth building tool for Australians, and for very good reason.

Property typically doubles in value on average every seven to 12 years – potentially offering investors solid capital growth.

But investment property can also yield strong cash flows for the here and now, as well as having the potential for future gains.

With current low vacancy levels coupled with rising rental values and relatively low interest rates, would-be investors could consider the current market as a good time to enter the investment market.

If your home has increased in value over the years, or if you’ve reduced the amount that you owe on your mortgage, you may be able to unlock some of the value of your home (equity) through refinancing – or borrowing against the equity that’s accumulated.

This equity can be used for a deposit on an investment property, with an additional loan used to secure the remainder of the purchase.

In determining your ability to service a mortgage for an investment property, a lender will take into account your salary or combined salary should you be purchasing with a partner. They may also consider the potential rental the property may return.

Importantly, they’ll need to ensure that you’re able to cover the shortfall between the rental return and mortgage costs – if any.

Additional Benefits

An investment property can be used to help you minimise your tax obligations. For example, the gap between the rental return and your mortgage commitments as well as utilities, council rates and other costs associated with owning the property can generally be offset against your taxable income. Speak to a professional Property Accountant for more details!

Free, no obligation, consultation

If you’re keen to build your property portfolio and think equity release sounds like something for you, give Paul Baggetta a call to uncover exactly how much you’ll be eligible to borrow and to discuss maximising the tax efficiencies associated with owning an investment property.  In a free, no obligation, consultation Paul Baggetta will run through the numbers with you to see if this strategy will work for you. Phone 9317 7300 for further information.


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