Every investors’ approach to property investment is different, making their tax position unique. The benefit of having a trusted and experienced property investment Accountant by your side is an invaluable financial resource in today’s economic landscape. 

Key Services

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As a Property Investor your taxation and financial needs are complex and unique, and you require a specialist approach.  Baggetta & Co specialise in property investment tax returns, taxation advice and financial services for Property Investors seeking to grow their property portfolio in a tax effective manner. Whether you are starting your property investment journey, or you are a well-established property investor, Baggetta & Co can provide you with the right advice at the right time.

A holistic approach to Property Investing

Paul Baggetta has been a taxation accountant for over 38 years, a financial planner for over 21 years and is a Real Estate Licensee and holder of a Triennial Certificate (currently non-trading). Paul’s combination of qualifications and experience means that he can assist you with:

  • The right investment strategy,
  • The right ownership structure,
  • The right loan structure,
  • Maximum tax benefits, 

Paul also has a network of professionals to help you find:

  • The right property
  • In the right location 
  • At the right price

Property Investment Services

Are you looking for a property accountant who does more than just process your tax return?  At Baggetta & Co our property investment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset Protection through the use of Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts and Hybrid Trusts
  • Loan Structuring Advice
  • Debt Minimisation Strategies
  • Taxation Planning
  • Taxation Returns for Property Investors
  • Capital Gains Tax Minimisation Strategies
  • Business Restructuring to suit your property investing activities.

If one of your goals is to grow wealth through property investment, call Baggetta & Co for the specialist advice you need.

Before you buy your investment property, get the right advice to make the most of your purchase.

Send us a message today to see how our advice and services can assist you. 

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