Retirement Planning

Its never too early and its never too late...

Are you retirement ready?

The plan for a better tomorrow starts today and although planning for retirement may not be the most exciting use of your time, it is certainly one of the most important. 

Thinking about your retirement and reaching retirement age can seem like a distant dream, it can feel like there is no urgency and therefore easy to put off planning for retirement.  But as each year passes, and it becomes more of a closer reality, you could be feeling apprehensive and uncertain if you have not begun planning your retirement early enough.

With careful planning, and the earlier the better, you can confidently enjoy your retirement years and enjoy the lifestyle that you imagined and prepared for.

Is it too late for me?  It is never too late… Just don’t let more time pass by before you get started.  The closer to retirement you are, the less opportunities you have to maximise your retirement income.

Are you ready to maximise your retirement goals and income?

Baggetta & Co takes a step by step approach, with retirement planning being the first step to designing a retirement plan that is uniquely your own, and to help you achieve your personal and financial goals so you can look forward to your retirement years with confidence and financial security in your future plans.

By the end of Baggetta & Co’s step by step approach, you will be able to:

  • Understand what your retirement needs are and where you currently stand financially
  • Document what type of retirement lifestyle you really want
  • Know the goals you need to reach to achieve your retirement lifestyle
  • Plan your superannuation strategy to its most tax effective and tailored outcomes, as it is critical part of a successful retirement plan
  • Understand your full retirement picture including your access to Government Age Pension & Government Benefits, and creating a retirement safety net
  • Understand how debt affects your Retirement Planning, especially debt that diminishes your wealth in the long term, and how it will affect your retirement income
  • Put your plan into action to turn your goals into reality and live your retirement dream.

Lets Start Planning Your Retirement ...

Don’t lose another minute, day, month or year and start planning your most rewarding and enjoyable retirement lifestyle today.  Call us on 9317 7400.  We can help you get there.

The 3 most important retirement processes

For most Australians, the retirement process passes through 3 distinct phases and each one has its’ own process:

Due to the rapid and ongoing advances in medical science, and Australian’s leading a healthier lifestyle, we are living longer and healthier lives with living beyond the age of 90 becoming a norm for many Australians according to the Treasury, 2015 Intergenerational Report.  With most people still wanting to retire at the traditional age of 65, this means that some of us could spend up to one third of our lives not working.

It means more time with our family and friends, more time at our disposal to make big plans and pursue our goals.  But with the benefits that come with a longer retirement, also come financial challenges.  The Australian Association of Superannuation Funds (ASFA) reports that there are significant gaps between the average superannuation balance at retirement and the amount couples actually need for a comfortable retirement.

So living longer than ever before, and living longer in retirement, means that we need to be well prepared to be financially secure in retirement.  This includes ensuring our future plans have considered the many different strategies for easing into retirement, maximising contributions to superannuation accounts, reducing overall tax burdens, and discussing ways to care for your family’s well-being in cases of emergencies and unexpected twists and turns in life.

We are all different, our lives are uniquely our own and there is no one-size-fits-all retirement plan.  Therefore, your retirement plan needs to be uniquely fitted to you, and just you.

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