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All SMSF Trustees are required under the Superannution Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SISA) to prepare and implement an Investment Strategy for their SMSF that complies with both SISA and the relevant Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements.

Investment rules are one of the most important requirements for Self Managed Super Funds and failure to comply with these rules can result in Trustees being fined and/or the SMSF losing its concessional taxation status.

Baggetta and Co provides SMSF clients with individually tailored, comprehensive and cost effective Investment Strategy solutions.  ATO and SIS compliant, our Investment Strategies can also include specific provisions for SMSF Complying Loans, if applicable.

An Investment Strategy, however, serves an even greater purpose than just ensuring your SMSF remains complying under the Investment Rules.  Its’ quintessential role is to maximise the benefits available from the fund, and therefore the general financial state of your retirement is going to be directly governed by the success or failure of your Investment Strategy.

A key feature of a SMSF is the enormous range of investment choice on offer.  Almost anything you can invest in as an individual, you can also invest in a SMSF within certain guidelines.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s great to have the choice, but it can also lead investors in the wrong direction when they are trying to figure out which of the many, many strategies out there they should follow within a prudent risk framework.

At Baggetta & Co, we work with SMSF clients to assist you towards an outstanding retirement by providing as much guidance and information as we can on the various investment asset classes, strategies, and investment methods for SMSFs, along with exposing some of the myths and highlighting some of the bigger risk areas that require caution.

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