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The Two Greatest False Economies of All Times!

The Runner Up, and Second Greatest False Economy of All Time
“Cheap bookkeeping that leads to lots of not cheap accountant’s time sorting out the cheaply created mess.”

Fortunately we now deal with this problem on very rare occasions, with our existing business clients, because our clients now know better.  However, this does continue to be a huge industry problem.

The Winner, and the Greatest False Economy of All Time
“Not seeking expert advice to try and save money!”

This is clearly the winner and probably applies to a vast range of subject areas, but the ones we know best are our core areas of business advice, accounting and taxation, finance, self-managed super funds and financial planning.

In these areas there is an abundance of free advice over the back fence, at the pub and on Television.

Occasionally we still hear a conversation that goes something like this:

Unhappy business person or investor:  “I did not come to you for advice because you would have charged me for it.”

Our response:  “Yes, and today you might still have your money.”

Seeking good advice may cost a small sum, but could save you thousands.

Employing us to do your book-keeping may be a little more expensive, but it will be accurate and will reduce your accounting fees.  Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind ensuring that your financial affairs are correct, and if you are audited by the Australian Taxation Office you will not be likely to incur a problem.

For further information on how our Business Accountants Perth can help you and your business, and give you peace of mind, call Paul Baggetta on 9317 7300.

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